• Non Direct Flight (Lufthansa Airlines)

  • Swissotel (Makkah)

  • Zam Zam Pull Man Hotel (Madinah)

  • Breakfast Included

  • Ziyarah in Makkah & Madinah

  • Days of Hajj (Full Board)

  • Flights & Visas Included

  • Transfers Included in Saudi Arabia

  • Specialist Guides & Scholars Available

19 July

16 August

Swissotel (Makkah)

Zam Zam Pull Man (Madinah)

Our first and foremost objective is to assist pilgrims in covering the costs of journey. Major essentials of a perfect Hajj package are usually housing, transportation, return ticketing etc.  But our specification is prominently the discount on packages.
As it is an obligation to perform Hajj at least once in a life time so we make sure to bring such reasonable Hajj Packages that can match the range of a great number of people in spite of limiting this religious duty to the wealthiest only. We make great efforts that package plans should revolve around your need. If you are a person that want to have a luxurious stay then opt that particular package or otherwise, keeping in view your own budget. Be sure about the differences in the packages offered and act accordingly. Similarity among all the cheap Hajj packages is that all are improved and pleasant with the result that pilgrims can enjoy modern facilities and perform various rites at ease.

All our Hajj packages are at reasonable prices which offer peace of mind by providing prearranged accommodation, comfortable travel arrangements, both at point of origin and destination and also on your return.